Brazil 2011 - Episode3:Cumbuco Life from Andi M. on Vimeo.

Check out our latest episode from Brazil.
This is all about our Cumbuco Life! Have FUN!
Marian and Andi

Brazil 2011 - Episode2: Tabuba

Brazil 2011 - Episode2: Tabuba from Andi M. on Vimeo.

After our first 2 weeks in Recife (Episode1 we moved on to Cumbuco.
Luckily Tabuba lagoon was under water since a high tide 5 weeks ago and we could capture some sweet footage there. Enjoy our second episode from brazil and stay tuned for number three.

Brazil 2011 - Episode1:Recife

Brazil 2011 - Episode1:Recife from Andi M. on Vimeo.

Marian Hund and Andi Meder spent the first 2 weeks of their kitesurftrip in Recife - Brazil. Thanks to our friend Jana we could live in a beautiful Villa next to the sea only a few meters to the spot. Besides we experienced a lot of unique moments while horse riding in the jungle, cart racing and a trip on a speedboat.
Special thanks to Axel for showing us Recife and everything else.

Stay tuned for the next episode from Cumbuco!

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